How do I read my balance report?

Category: Test and Balance Report

Once you’ve received your air balance report from Melink, we recommend you take a look at the following sections first:
– Summary page – This is an overview of our onsite visit (what the technician found and who he spoke with).
– Punch list page – This is a consolidated list of deficiencies, indicating who should fix them, whether they have been corrected, and why it’s important to correct them.
– Recommendations page – These items may not be included in the Mechanical, Engineer and Plumbing (MEP) prints, but they are suggestions based on our experience with well-operating HVAC systems.
– Inspection pages (rooftop, above ceiling and below ceiling) – These show where the deficiencies are located on the building layout, indicated by an “X.” There is also an associated photo with each deficiency.
Our team is always willing to provide live training to teach you how to read your air balance report. If you are interested, please fill out a “contact us” form indicating you’d like someone to reach out to you for training.

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