Electrifying Our Future

Melink HQ2 Parking Canopy 6

Range Anxiety. It’s no surprise that this is a common concern of those who are hesitant in making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs).  How can owners of electric cars confidently take a long drive without a plethora of charging stations along the highway? Gas stations are everywhere. Why should EV charging stations be any different?

Fear no longer.

The Biden administration is pushing for an infrastructure plan that will expand EV charging stations across the nation.  Within this $2 trillion plan, $174 billion will be prioritized for the development and adoption of EVs.

According to the New York Times, the White House’s infrastructure plan is said to rapidly enhance the fight against climate change by shifting quickly to a new, clean energy source throughout the country. They are calling this plan “a transformational effort that would create the most resilient, innovative economy in the world.”

What does this look like for EVs?

500,000 electric vehicle charging stations along our existing new highways to be built.

70 million electric vehicles to get on the road by 2030.

(Source: The Great American Build)

Melink HQ2 Parking Canopy 6

Solar Powered Stations

The world can no longer be dependent on oil as its main source of energy. Burning oil will one day be a habit of the past, and people will no longer have to pump cars with gasoline. So, what does the “gas station of the future” look like? Clean electricity.

Solar canopies can take the place of a typical gas station, providing clean electricity to EVs, with an added aesthetic appeal. They provide the same shading, protection and cooling effect that you see at a gas station.

Melink Solar & Geo, a commercial solar PV firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio, designs solar parking canopies and promotes the adoption of EVs. A goal in their company pledge even includes every employee driving an EV by 2025.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles (EVs)


Driving an EV is not only good for the planet. It is necessary for human existence if we want future generations to prosper. Cars and trucks account for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US. We should all hold ourselves accountable in reducing our carbon footprint. We will be able to do that by eliminating the demand for gasoline and using electric powered vehicles.


Once you drive electric, you cannot go back. There is a sense of driving towards the future and taking part in something bigger than ourselves: the clean energy movement. You know the feeling of launching into space in a rocket ship? No, me neither. But the sensation of getting on the highway with an EV is probably the closest thing. It just does not compare to gas-fueled cars. There is NO smoother ride than driving an EV!


Cheaper to power, cheaper to own. With EVs, it no longer costs $30-$50 to fuel your car every week. While there is opportunity for the upfront cost to come down (which it will, with demand), the long-term savings EV owners find from not purchasing gasoline far outweighs the initial price tag. Plus, there is far less maintenance or service needed for EVs compared to gas-fueled cars.

If you thought EVs did not make sense before, think again

Being a part of the clean energy revolution and helping create an infrastructure where EV owners can continue to drive into the future is only going to get easier.

For more about the White House’s infrastructure plan for EVs, click HERE.

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