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Estimate your potential electric bill savings and energy production for an onsite, behind-the-meter photovoltaic (PV) system for your business or organization.

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Array Type

Choose your preferred solar mounting type for a system that will tie-in behind your building's meter. The racking system will be used to fix solar panels to a surface that best suits your organization. For a Flat Roof, we will use a Ballasted Roof Mount system.


DC System Size

Indicate the amount of available space for solar so that we can determine the approximate system size.



The azimuth is the PV array's orientation in degrees. South = 180 degrees, Southeast = 140 degrees, Southwest = 220 degrees, West = 270 degrees, East = 90 degrees. Indicate the direction the modules will be facing.


Electricity Rate

The average annual retail electricity rate paid by the system owner for electricity. Melink uses the electricity rate to calculate the value of electricity generated by the system.

You can type a different value if the downloaded value is not appropriate for your analysis. You can also ignore this input or set it to zero if you are ignoring the Value ($) result.



Type the street address, zip code of the system's location, and click Next. PVWatts® uses this information to automatically identify solar resource data available at or near the system's location. For example, for a system on the Melink campus, you could type any of the following:

Street: 5140 River Valley Road
City: Cincinnati
State: OH
ZIP Code: 45150

When you type a street address for the system's location, Melink submits the address to PVWatts® which determines your latitude and longitude of the NSRDB grid cell for the location and the distance in miles between the location and the grid cell center. For locations outside of the NSRDB area, it shows the coordinates of the nearest available weather station from one of the NREL International sources listed below.

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Our Process

We offer turnkey solutions that simplify your solar project and eliminate the guesswork for you.

Melink requests electric bills, understands layout options, provides budgetary analysis

Customer reviews proposal, confirms project assumptions, aligns on payment options & timing

Conduct detailed engineering onsite, finalize project costs, contract execution, align on payment terms

Melink submit for permits, interconnection, procurement, begin construction

Melink provides onsite training and system monitoring