What is Net Metering?

If you are considering solar for your commercial building, an important concept to understand is net metering, whether it applies in your state, and how it works with your utility company. Net metering is a billing incentive that offers credits to the owner when a solar PV system produces more electricity than consumed, thus qualifying the owner for a “credit” on his or her electric bill.

Melink Solar Receives Solar Power Worlds Greenest Contractor Award

Melink Solar is featured on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors List and receives Solar Power World’s “Greenest Contractor” Award. Solar Power World magazine’s annual list includes Ohio-based, commercial solar design and build firm.

Solar 101 Webinar: A Beginner's Guide

Hosted by Frost Brown Todd, this webinar serves as an opportunity for Ohio’s Public Utilities and Municipalities to learn more about clean energy and the benefits of transitioning to behind-the-meter solar. Steve Melink and Monica Niehaus of Melink Solar provide an introductory overview of commercial solar PV.

Electrifying Our Future

Range Anxiety. It’s no surprise that this is a common concern of those who are hesitant in making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs).  How can owners of electric cars confidently take a long drive without a plethora of charging stations along the highway? Gas stations are everywhere. Why should EV charging stations be any different?

The Added Appeal of Solar Canopies

As businesses attempt to set themselves apart in a world of emerging technologies, those invested in renewable energy continue to outshine competition. Solar power in particular has not only proven to be a profitable investment — it can also serve as a marketing tool to entice customers and employees. Consider a solar canopy covering your business’ parking lot.

Is Rooftop Solar a Fire Risk?

One of the popular questions we are often asked among building owners is whether there is reason for concern about fires on rooftop PV systems. In this article, I will explain why you can confidently install solar on your roof without having to worry about the possibility of your system catching fire.