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Does your organization spend a lot on electricity?

Over the last 50 years, average U.S. commercial electricity prices have increased 3.2% every year. 

Increase your bottom line and invest in a sustainable, clean energy future with solar. Learn how you can hedge against unpredictable electricity prices from your utility

We provide visibility to financing options so you can afford to make solar a reality

How it works

  • Provide the latest 12 months of electric bills. This will help us understand your usage and what you are currently paying for electricity, which is crucial for properly sizing the system.
  • The bills will help us put together the initial analysis to determine your 30-year savings with solar. We use a production model that will be specific to your facility’s array.
  • Our team can help put together financing options so that your organization can reap the benefits that solar has to offer.

Governments go solar

Sustainable practices don’t just benefit the environment— they help organizations’ bottom lines!

EPA Local Government Solar Project Portal

Why solar?

Reduce your electricity costs and invest in sustainability with clean energy. Learn why solar can help you hedge against rising electricity prices and increase savings.

We provide visibility to Financing Options so you can afford to make solar a reality.

“The idea of adding solar panels to the new building to offset future electric costs was intriguing to City Council and staff,” said David Kennedy, Loveland City Manager. “Besides the obvious electric cost savings, it was agreed that the new Public Works building would be an ideal location for the city’s first venture into solar-powered public facilities.”

Customers & Case Studies

Solar for Municipalities & Government

Our Process

We offer turnkey solutions that simplify your solar project and eliminate the guesswork for you.

Melink Solar requests electric bills, understands layout options, provides budgetary analysis

Customer reviews proposal, confirms project assumptions, aligns on payment options & timing

Conduct detailed engineering onsite, finalize project costs, contract execution, align on payment terms

Melink Solar submits for permits, interconnection, procurement, begins construction

Melink Solar provides onsite training and system monitoring