Solar for Schools & Universities

Solar PV Systems

Zero upfront cost

Did you know that solar can be installed for zero upfront cost, cover over 25-60% of your usage, and generate savings for 30+ years?

School districts, colleges, universities, and career centers spend a lot on electricity. A growing number of these organizations are installing solar systems to lock in a lower electricity rate and provide clean energy for their facilities.


An Arkansas school district that invested in solar saved enough money to give their teachers raises.

How it works

  • Through a Power Purchase Agreement, our team and partners perform the design, permitting, financing and installation of a system on your facility or property for zero out of pocket costs.
  • In return, the school buys the power generated from the solar system at a fixed rate that is typically lower than the utility’s retail rate.
  • Our team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system for the duration of the agreement.
  • By utilizing tax credits and incentives to reduce costs, the project provides your school with predictable electricity prices for 25+ years.

Schools go solar

There are over 7,300 schools across the U.S. with solar installations. Districts are installing onsite solar PV to save money, provide learning opportunities for students, and achieve their climate and sustainability goals

Why solar?

Reduce your electricity costs and invest in sustainability with clean energy. Learn why solar can help you hedge against rising electricity prices and increase savings.

We provide visibility to Financing Options so you can afford to make solar a reality.

Education and renewable energy

“The value of renewable energy sources is at the forefront of students’ minds. As jobs in this industry increase, it will soon be a requirement for schools to integrate renewables into their curriculums. Even with humanity’s progress in clean energy producers like solar and wind power, energy still contributes to around 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions – one of the main causes of climate change.”

Customers & Case Studies

Solar for Schools & Universities

Our Process

We offer turnkey solutions that simplify your solar project and eliminate the guesswork for you.

Melink Solar requests electric bills, understands layout options, provides budgetary analysis

Customer reviews proposal, confirms project assumptions, aligns on payment options & timing

Conduct detailed engineering onsite, finalize project costs, contract execution, align on payment terms

Melink Solar submits for permits, interconnection, procurement, begins construction

Melink Solar provides onsite training and system monitoring