Future Customers & Future Employees want Sustainability

Author: Abby Taggart

December 2023

Your Future Customers – And Future Employees – Want You to be Invested in Sustainability

As Generation Z enters adulthood, their influence over politics and consumerism is growing. Gen Z is the generation born roughly between 1997 and 2012, meaning that roughly all of Gen Z will be legal adults by 2030 and will make up a large portion of the consumer base and workforce.

As you probably know, it’s important to look into the future as a business. Now is the time to start thinking about making your business attractive to the coming generation of customers. With their penchant for shopping, especially online, Gen Z is slated to become the largest consumer base in the US. 1 It’s already clear that Gen Z is highly concerned about climate change and the environment; in fact, a survey from Deloitte showed that climate change and protecting the environment is at the top of the generation’s list of concerns.2

Solar Panel Installation with a construction manager holding and umbrella on a rainy day.Gen Z’s concern about the environment is already being reflected in their spending habits

The generation of teens and young adults are putting pressure on businesses to uphold ethical and sustainable practices, putting many fast fashion brands at risk of bankruptcy.1 And Gen Z is willing to pay the increased prices associated with sustainable products and business.1

And Gen Z takes their sustainable consumerism seriously. Though they might not know the ins and outs of what each company should be doing to protect the environment, they are shrewd and cautious of greenwashing. Greenwashing is the phenomenon where a company brands itself as eco-friendly without actually following through with real sustainable practices.3

And Gen Z’s commitment to ethics and environmentalism doesn’t stop at the companies they buy from. They also want the companies they work for to be committed to sustainability.4  It’s vital to Gen Z that the place they work has morals that align with theirs.4

So how do you make your company more attractive to the up and coming generation of consumers and workers? Simple, invest in sustainability. Using clean energy like solar is a great way to lower your business’s carbon footprint and have a concrete example of the ethics of your company.


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Lastly, don’t be surprised if someone’s child pops their head over your cubicle wall, or you see a bunch of your colleagues going for a run during their lunch break. We keep it relaxed and know that hard work is worth rewarding.

If you want to wake up every morning knowing you’re making a difference for future generations, join us as we endeavor to change the world, one building at a time!

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